Best Alternatives to Google Search Engine

Many of the individuals now know that google is the best search engine in the world. Here, anyone can share their own information by enabling themselves to monitor by the google on the world wide web. At some point, this experience of personalization becomes too complicated due to so much ads targeting towards you and so much of content. In this situation, you feel like trying another google alternatives which provide the same highlights and privacy as Google. If you are not at all impressed by searching in the google, you can look for other alternatives which are equivalent like google.

Different types of google alternatives

Let’s discuss the various kind of alternatives of google which are equally better and possess good features.


It is referred to as ask jeeves and it is admired by many individuals due to its simple format and question. It is the search engine which is average and displays the search results after you type any term which is not asked as the question in the search bar. Most of the people might that it is a platform for getting answers of the questions based on searching of keywords. The search results you get here is same as the google search engine. If you have many questions in the mind then ask is the best search engine.


gibiru private search

Gibiru search engine is one of the best alternatives of google search engine. It handles the censorships as well as privacy issues. It is offering uncensored and free search results. It does not save your query search on its servers. The records made are normally cleaned within couple of seconds after you do a search in the search bar. It is better to use to as it creates uncensored content easily with good privacy.


This is one meta search engine which is the best alternative of google search engine. This site doesn’t gather your data and provides unbiased outcomes from different sources with the objective in making internet more decentralized and freer. It brings out the search results from different sources such as duckduckgo, Wikipedia, and yahoo etc. It is the open source search engine accessible to all for a review of source code as well as giving contributions for the GitHub platform. You can also personalize and host it on the server you wish to. It allows you to tweak the settings in the section of preferences with the options of advanced. Many of the torrent fans admire this search engine which helps you finding the same files while you search for one in this search engine.

Search Encrypt:

search encrypt privacy based search engine

Search Encrypt is a search engine which offers better privacy and make sure your online activities are secure. It assures the users that they don’t monitor the data of the users at any cost as it utilizes encryption for all the search you do in this search engine. This is the amazing search for offering your great privacy and there is an auto delete highlight for your history of browsing.

Thus, these are some of the best alternatives of google search engine with good features.…