How Do Search Engines Actually Work?

Before the internet came to be how did people find the stuff they needed to? Well the answer is books. Yes books that you had at home, the fictional and non fictional books that were stacked high at libraries, your textbooks and so on. People would head to the library with their notebooks and look through 20 books and spend hours and hours just to find out one piece of information. That’s how people would do research, and when you tell people about it they find it hard to believe. And it hasn’t even been that long, it’s only been 37 years, and people just assume that it was 70 or 80 years ago.

Having the internet is such a blessing, it makes work so much easier, no more having to spend you day in the library with 20 books towered high on your table. Now the internet will help you, no matter how big, and difficult the task is. There will always be a small piece of information that you can find out. Next time you are searching for something whether shopping or trying to set up a local hookup on a popular sex app like Meet n Fuck (seen here), you should understand exactly how you are being directed toward that dating site or online store.

Now the thing about this is that people search as much as they want but I don’t think anyone has the slightest clue on how it works. All of you are familiar with Google, Bing, Yahoo search and what not right? Well these are what you call search engines, which will be discussed later on. But the point is that most people don’t even know how it works, I’m pretty sure that they’re wondering “how do search engines work?” Well that’s where I come in.

What are search engines?

If you look at the back of a book, a non fiction book, or any sort of book that relates to the real world or is filled with past information and so on you are likely to find an index. An index is where important topics, and words are addressed with the page numbers so you don’t have to spend your whole time flipping through the book. That last page contains all the information you need to conduct your research. It just makes the whole thing easier. This is exactly what a search engine is, an index online basically.

In more technical terms it is a program that will identify items in a database that corresponds to characters, keywords and phrases, and so on. These keywords are specified by the users; with them it will do world wide searches on different sites and are in correspondent with the keywords. It is basically a software system that was introduced to and designed to carry out web searches. There are tons of search engines, it is not just one, and here are some of them:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • Baidu
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Yandex

These are just a few but there are much more, but not many people know this as people are familiar with Google, and probably haven’t even heard of the others. So the market share and demand of them is extremely low.

So how does it work?

How do search engines work is a big question on most peoples minds, because even though they use it only a certain amount of people know how it works, and get the correct results we require. So how does this happen?

As you most likely know everything is connected, for something to occur something else has to happen. If that chain is broken then there is no way for the event or thing to occur as the way it was supposed. This is how search engines work as well. Now the internet is a big place, to look through it manually is a huge tasks. So to overcome this problem the will use web crawlers, they are search engine bots or spiders. They will crawl into billions of webpages and will navigate through them to download, and follow the links to pages.

There is something called the search engine index, it like what we talked about before, this basically contains all the URLs, and a number of key signals, like the keywords, the content, the freshness of the page, and the previous users engagement of the domain, how people would interact with it.

When a search is done it is processed through the algorithm and the index and it is done in a hierarchical manner. But to get better results search engines will use other types of data such as location, the language that is detected, the previous search history, and the device being used. But sometime what you want may not show up. This could be because of files which tells not to visit the site, the directives on the webpage, or because of the page being low in quality or having less content, and the URL being an error.

The advantages of search engines

The use of search engines can come in handy, there are many advantages of it, and one being the amount of time saving it does. Doing searches manually, will take forever, but not when it comes to this. It will provide you with all the information in less than 30 seconds. Plus it increases the relevancy, which means if you need to find something that is special and just based on that you can do a search and you’ll be provided with a relevant result.

Furthermore these search engines are free. On some you may have to pay for scholarly purposes and private engines but for most you don’t have to. So that means you can get the best of the best all for free. Also with search engines having advanced search options then it is possible to find you something that is too difficult to find in books, or normal research on the web. With the keywords, locations and everything being used it will be enough for you to get the precise information that you need. And with it being comprehensive then it will be easier for you to find what you are looking for as the engine has an idea of what you are looking for.…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increase the traffic of your page now

So you have a website open, and it’s doing pretty well, you’re getting many people on it and overall it’s going great. But when you open up a website you have to be careful with a couple of things. One of the biggest issues that they face are the slow searches. When people go on a site they don’t want to wait forever for it to load. So instead of waiting they will look for what they need on another site, and this won’t be good. Now the reason it could be slow is due to the high traffic that is there online. With this it slows down the loading process. So is there a way to solve this? Well yes there is, it called SEO, or search engine optimization, now you may be wondering what is search engine optimization and how in the world will it help me. Well let’s get on with it. And trust me when I say when you use this it will change the entire dynamic of the website.

What exactly is this?

For those of you who are wondering what this is, well it is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic organically, that means with out any payments being done. This is done by making certain changes to your website so that it will appear as the first few top results, after all that is where everybody wants to be. The ranking of it can be quite complex, as it is done through search engines. It will scan, craw, and do whatever it needs to do in order to find keywords, certain topics and so on. All of this will make the searches more relevant as it is what everybody is looking for. After the scanning they will determine if the navigation process is simple, and will not take too long. If so then you’re website can be at the top of the results. Search engines want to make the make the best and efficient results for users, hence the reason why they do this. So this is basically what this is.

The advantages of SEO?

You know “what is search engine optimization?” but what about the advantages of it, I mean you can’t be just doing this for nothing there are some benefits you can gain out of it. Like for the fact that it will provide quality traffic, not just any traffic. It will directly target the customers, no spams, and ads. Also you don’t need to pay for ads in SEOs, it is purely organic and works of an algorithm, so you wouldn’t have to pay a cent. How great is that! Furthermore it is also better than PPC, and with search engine optimization you will more clicks. Even though ads appear first this is not the first thing that users click, they want more information, and will click on organic results. Hence the reason why SEO receives more clicks. Moreover it will also help with your PR opportunities, when you use the two marketing strategies together it will create a better link, and will be more efficient. You can reach more new clients and customers than you did before. And finally you could surpass the competition, it is better than any other method as it says that 61% were able to increase and establish higher rankings. So as you can see it proves to be efficient, and trying it out will be beneficial. Competitions for organic search traffic is fierce and different websites battle for top ranking positions across thousands of different industries. For many the difference between position 1 and position 3 can mean thousands of dollars per day. Take for example the adult space. When we look at adult entertainment and adult dating, keywords like free sex sites and best hookup apps have massive volumes of adult targeted traffic per month and capturing the top positions for these and others can generate conversions, sales, and money for the companies that get there.

How can you do it for your website?

If you’re interested well there are a couple of steps that you have to go through. So firstly you will have to choose a domain name carefully, you want it to be easy and relevant. After that select a web hosting provider, then you want to perform keyword research, it important that you know how to do this as it will determine what many people want. Next you want to plan the architecture of the site, most of the sites are pyramids, as it is well laid out method. Then you want to make it mobile friendly, and target keywords on pages. Next you have to optimize the text, images, page URL’s, title tags, and headings. Afterwards write a description and submit, and you’re all done.…

Best Alternatives to Google Search Engine

Many of the individuals now know that google is the best search engine in the world. Here, anyone can share their own information by enabling themselves to monitor by the google on the world wide web. At some point, this experience of personalization becomes too complicated due to so much ads targeting towards you and so much of content. In this situation, you feel like trying another google alternatives which provide the same highlights and privacy as Google. If you are not at all impressed by searching in the google, you can look for other alternatives which are equivalent like google.

Different types of google alternatives

Let’s discuss the various kind of alternatives of google which are equally better and possess good features.


It is referred to as ask jeeves and it is admired by many individuals due to its simple format and question. It is the search engine which is average and displays the search results after you type any term which is not asked as the question in the search bar. Most of the people might that it is a platform for getting answers of the questions based on searching of keywords. The search results you get here is same as the google search engine. If you have many questions in the mind then ask is the best search engine.


gibiru private search

Gibiru search engine is one of the best alternatives of google search engine. It handles the censorships as well as privacy issues. It is offering uncensored and free search results. It does not save your query search on its servers. The records made are normally cleaned within couple of seconds after you do a search in the search bar. It is better to use to as it creates uncensored content easily with good privacy.


This is one meta search engine which is the best alternative of google search engine. This site doesn’t gather your data and provides unbiased outcomes from different sources with the objective in making internet more decentralized and freer. It brings out the search results from different sources such as duckduckgo, Wikipedia, and yahoo etc. It is the open source search engine accessible to all for a review of source code as well as giving contributions for the GitHub platform. You can also personalize and host it on the server you wish to. It allows you to tweak the settings in the section of preferences with the options of advanced. Many of the torrent fans admire this search engine which helps you finding the same files while you search for one in this search engine.

Search Encrypt:

search encrypt privacy based search engine

Search Encrypt is a search engine which offers better privacy and make sure your online activities are secure. It assures the users that they don’t monitor the data of the users at any cost as it utilizes encryption for all the search you do in this search engine. This is the amazing search for offering your great privacy and there is an auto delete highlight for your history of browsing.

Thus, these are some of the best alternatives of google search engine with good features.…